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Amy Aves Challenger

Thank you for unleashing the creative. I love the technique and intimacy of the group. The weekly workshops gave me time to explore like a child, and find my words again.
The space you created felt almost sanctified and spirit filled. Your stories inspire, validate and feed the soul too. I loved every second of our time together.  Thank you for sharing your craft.

— Pam
Zürich, Switzerland

This workshop is a place where I get to lay down my constant worries and responsibilities for two hours and think and say (write) things that are unthinkable for a special needs mother to think almost anywhere else. The structure of the workshop and our trained leader make it a safe, nonjudgmental place. Hearing the other women’s stories has let me know I am not alone in my anger, guilt, frustration, grief and hope. That’s an extraordinary feeling.

— Kathy
Fairfield, CT


The workshop has been a life changing experience for me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amy and this fantastic workshop.  It has provided me with so many things I truly needed, combining my love for writing with the need for support and understanding with our special needs situation. The combination is so powerful, and it has been an experience I am so grateful to have come across. I cannot thank Amy enough for leading this writing circle. She is wonderful and I have learned so much from her. There is a definite need for this type of workshop. I hope it continues and would love to see more writing circles of this type spread to benefit others.


Monroe, CT

I have loved attending these workshops.  They've provided a great opportunity to explore and create my own work.  But just as important, they have provided significant growth and challenge as I have learned from others’ writing.  I love the format of the workshops and the guiding belief that everyone is a writer!  Amy is composer, soloist, and symphony conductor in just the right amounts to inspire and lead the group.

Zürich, Switzerland

Amy’s writing group is such a nurturing, non-judgmental environment that it sets one up to relax and to improve their writing. With Amy’s able guidance, and the structure she has set, members of the group both become adept at providing feedback and find that their writing improves as they hear member’s praise both them and their peers.  Amy uses inspirational writings, settings, and verbage to give writing prompts.  Also, Amy worked hard to insure that the focus is on the writing and not to explore the writer behind it.

— Lori
Weston, Connecticut



Amy's writing workshops have been a wonderful way to uncover my voice as a writer.  As a novice, I was apprehensive about sharing my work.  Amy created such a supportive environment that I felt immediately comfortable and connected with the group.  I entered the class intending to develop my journaling about motherhood, but have discovered the challenge and  joy of writing poetry and fictional prose.  Thanks to Amy’s encouragement I intend to further pursue this new passion.

-- Stephanie
Fairfield, CT

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