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Amy Aves Challenger

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My articles, opinion pieces, essays, and narratives are often grounded with research and reporting on:
parenting, justice, faith, fitness, travel, education, technology, and nature.  

The Institute for Science and Policy

Free to Wander: The Benefits of Urban Trails

The Information

A Girl Killed Herself. It Took TikTok Six Months to Remove Her Account.

Trail Runner Magazine

I Run to Process What Refugees Teach

International Living Magazine

5 Tips for travel without crowds

The New Internationalist

Switzerland Wants to Deport a Boy with Half a Heart

Your Teen Magazine

How I Learned to Love Connecting Through Technology

Will My Teens Ever Be The Same After All of This

Swiss Info
National Newspaper in English)

Switzerland is finding strength through kindness

New In Zürich

How Thanksgiving in Switzerland
Became Far More Than A Meal

Taking the "X" Out of Expat

The Independent

I attend an Evangelical church, and I'm not buying what Trump is selling

A Message to Trump from the white suburban housewives you love:

Typing on a Laptop

Huffington Post France

Je cours depuis toujours et rien ni personne
ne m'empêchera de continuer


Washington Post

How One Mom Found Her Way...

Brain, Child Magazine

I Just Needed A Hand

MOPS International


Be Gutsy

Running For My Life

Don't Worry, My Child

MOPS International

Blog (column)

Aren't We Beautiful?

Becoming An Adventurer (Again)

A Passage From Longing To Motherhood

Why Your Story Matters, Mama

A Tribe of Foreigners

The Powerful Seed of Kindness

Marin Independent Journal

Sheltering Our Children In Marin


Featured, Parenting

When My Son Asked "Why'd you even have children..."

Featured Publication, Be Yourself

When We Try to Box and Categorize Refugees

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