Oh No, Here Comes THAT Mom

That mom. She’s thinner, cooler, has more friends. She’s got better-behaved kids, a husband that loves her more, a better home

Lots of People With Depression Look "Just Fine"

“She looks fine to me,” another mom said. I was talking about someone whom we both knew suffers with severe depression. “Depression looks like that sometimes. But it kills people,” I added. I watched the woman tilt her head. “What?” she asked. “It's serious. It kills slowly sometimes,” I said. She stopped walking. I wanted to say more, to remind her that depressed people may look "just fine" but depression once tried to take my "just fine-looking" son, tried to take me too once. Depression crept into my house, right in front of my loving family. It sauntered past the dogs, the cats, up the beautiful stairs of my home. It arrived maybe when I was sitting on a cute rocking chair, reading bedt

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